European Sham vs Standard Sham and Pillow Sizes Explained

So you’ve bought yourself a king-sized bed and now you want to accessorize a bit and make your king-sized bed that royal aura of class. This means that you’ll want to choose the right-sized pillow for it as well as a good pillowcase. This is where the sham comes in. Many people are actually unaware of what a “sham” actually is and this I can say out of personal experience as well as having witnessed several inquiries online specifically about what a sham really is. Furthermore, some people in the know can also get confused as to the difference between different types of shams such as the European Sham vs Standard Sham. In any case, before we continue, I should clarify that the word “sham” is a designation for the really frilly decorative pillowcases that you might see in some furniture stores. With that aside, it’s time to move on and learn all about the different sizes of pillows.

Standard Pillows

Standard pillows may be covered by a standard sham, as the name implies. A standard pillow is 20 inches wide by 26 inches long. These are generally the most common types of pillows that you can find, although nowadays, there are plenty of non-standard sized pillows in the market that are nearly identical, but not quite, in dimensions to standard pillows. Furthermore, a feathers and downs pillow or even a foam-filled pillow can differ in size from a solid foam pillow because of the difference in the way they are manufactured.

European Pillows

Now we come to the difference between European Sham vs Standard Sham. A European sham is meant to cover a European pillow. These types of pillows are a bit uncommon in the U.S. since they are rather unorthodox being completely square-shaped instead of rectangular as most common pillow sizes in the U.S. tend to be. A European pillow measures in at 26 inches on each side. Many people like to combine European pillows with standard pillows on their beds to add an air of royalty and variety to their beds.

King Size

A King Sized pillow is especially large. Measuring in at 20 inches by 36 inches, they are particularly long and are perfect for people who toss and turn a lot. These types of pillows are actually pretty common for people who sleep alone on a king-sized bed and are also used inside the luxury suites of many hotels. The main problem with these types of pillows is that it can be a hassle to clean them since they do not fit readily into most standard-sized washing machines and even if they can it in, they take up a lot of space. Still, as far as personal comfort is concerned, a king-sized pillow is the king for many people.

Queen Size

Only slightly smaller than a king-sized pillow, the queen size pillow is designed especially for queen-sized beds. These pillows are also excellent for people who toss and turn a lot since they give up only 6 inches in length to king-sized pillows with dimensions of 20 inches by 30 inches.